Dynastic Royal House of Mann of the Independent Kingdom of Mann

The Royal House of the Independent Kingdom of Mann embodies at least a millennium of balanced combination of royal houses, from 3 distinct dynastic lines, including many of the most powerful kings who helped develop the traditional foundations of much of world civilization. This foundation carries royal sovereignty and dynastic status from a strong combination of multiple ancient and medieval sources of royal authority. The Kingdom is unique, uniting medieval history with more ancient holy and royal origins.

The dynastic Royal House of Mann has legalized status and recognition as an autonomous part of the United Kingdom constitutional monarchy system, by royal assent and proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II in 2007, having binding effect by force of law. It was legalized as the “Independent Kingdom of Mann”, establishing and confirming it as a separate historical institution with its own sovereignty, that predates the UK system.

Accordingly, the Independent Kingdom of Mann, and its dynastic Royal House, has the de jure status as a “sovereign subject of international law”, without the need for operating as a nation-state nor being a country.

The Kingdom of Mann maintains its historical dynastic connection and related allegiance to the British Crown, while retaining substantial powers and authorities as a historical sovereign institution. This enables it to continue advancing the heritage and historical missions of its ancestors, thereby making further contributions to modern civilization. Many of these traditional activities have practical significance and relevance in modern society.

The British Crown holds the nobility title “Lord of Mann”, thus making the Queen titled nobility within the Royal House of Mann, just as Queen Elizabeth II recognized and legalized the Independent Kingdom of Mann under the UK constitutional monarchy system in 2007, establishing a reciprocal and mutual connection of royalty and nobility.

Territorially, with respect to the United Kingdom, the Independent Kingdom of Mann has the status of a “deposed sovereign” or “non-ruling monarchy”. The Royal House of Mann has embraced its “non-ruling” status, which actually gives substantial benefits and advantages to the historical institution. This gives the Kingdom of Mann great flexibility and freedom to pursue its own historical missions, without any dependency nor risk of interference from any modern country nor government.

Perhaps the “Crown Jewel” of the Kingdom of Mann, is its juridical tutela protection grant of full autonomous sovereignty to the original Order of the Temple of Solomon from 1118 AD, the direct succession and continuation of the famous Knights Templar, founded by King Fulk of Jerusalem, the ancestor of the Royal House of Mann.

Therefore, the Kingdom of Mann is now represented by the autonomous sovereign nation state subject of international law in its own right, the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon.

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The Dynastic Royal House of HRH Prince David, King of Mann, is recognized and supported by United Nations (UN) Non Governmental Organizations (NGO).